I’m taking a page from Jenny Trout’s Big Damn Buffy Rewatch for this one. Basically, there is a running set of themes that appear in the episodes and we’ll call them out as they happen. More will probably be added as the series goes on and this page will be updated accordingly.


1. The adults in Rosewood are negligent to a fault.
2. Male authority figures (parents, teachers, police, coaches) will always abuse their power.3. If you don’t conform to the group’s standards, you are shunned.
4. Women/girls cause all the problems.
5. Men/boys are the ones who save the day.
6. Even gay relationships are expected to fall into heteronormative standards.
7. Minor characters (and even fairly major ones!) will disappear/reappear/change with some frequency as the plot requires.
8. Nobody thinks anything on this show through.